Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Shame on You, Karam!!

As I see it.- SteadyAku47

Whoever we are, whatever our religion, where ever our standing in life there is one reality that we must live with in Malaysia: Our race defines us. There has not been enough education in ourselves and in our children to make us understand and accept that people of all backgrounds should be treated equally and have the same opportunities. There has not been enough done by those with the responsibility and ability to make this happen to educate all of us of the need to accept that all those that call Malaysia home should be equal in all respect. All this talk about 1 Malaysia, racial harmony are just that – talk. You cannot make all this happen without a commitment from many years ago to fight race discrimination.

What we have instead is a government that has consistently pursued a divide and rule policy along racial lines. They have succeeded exceedingly well through various policy initiatives in ensuring that numerically the Malays are now the dominant race and they are in control politically.

Even as you read this posting, what is simmering below the surface of our society is anger within each race at what each race perceived the other race has done or is doing to isolate or demean their own race. The Chinese perceive that the Malays have always taken from them their right to be treated equally in a country they call home. A country that they have helped developed economically. The Indians always considered themself marginalized by everyone else and have always considered themselves the “have-nots” of this country. Sabah and Sarawak too have the same sentiments.

And what of the Malays? You must remember that “amok” is a Malay word meaning “mad with uncontrollable rage”. Seeing the youtube video of Karam Singh Walia asking for forgiveness for a perceived slight he had done on the Malay race while mabuk brings to all of us the reality of this. Thinking back to Karpal Singh confrontation in front of Parliament with Pemuda UMNO also confirms this. I am a Malay and I know that all it takes to trigger the rage within the Malay is a perceived slight against their religion and race. This was what triggered the May 13 riot of 1969 and this is what is now making all of us, the Malays included, uneasy and uncertain of what the future holds for us and our country – our children. It does not help that we now have politicians who are only too willing to play the race card from both, the government and the opposition camps ...and more worrying they have the numbers to ensure that their power base is strong enough for them to be heard.

All those that think that we are now matured enough to handle any racial confrontation are deluding themselves. No we are not. The “we” who are matured enough to handle any adverse racial situations will easily be swept aside once the masses are moved to act against another race – in most cases because of their sheer numbers - the Malays against the other races.

So tell me…do you think you can stop another May 13th? Do the Malays want to stop a May13th onslaught upon the other races? No they will not want to….…not when another May 13 will once and for all confirm that Malaysia is their country and that another May 13th will certainly relegate all the other races to being “pendatangs” and second class citizens.

There is now an uneasy calm amongst the people while waiting for the 13th General Election. There is no political leader worth his salt that could stand against the interest of his own race if he is to survive politically. And there is no leader around now that will put the country’s interest above his own personal political agenda. Yes it would seem that there are Malays in DAP. Malays in PKR and of course it is all Malays in PAS. But where are the numbers?

The Malays and others will hantam me for this posting. They can and will throw all manner of argument and discourse in their blogs and emailing me their curses and invectives – but you and I know that these bloggers (me included) do not have the numbers.

UMNO has the Malay numbers. UMNO has the Malay votes in the rural areas where the numbers are. And when push comes to shove the numbers will be for UMNO. We need to face this reality. Once we accept this reality then maybe we can start to deal with it and try to find solution to it – if it is not to late.


Now a comment from me.... As I See It:-

What the FISH was this fella Karam Singh Walia thinking
getting drunk, "kotak-katik"-ing, talking crap
& making a fool of himself with all the buffoonery in public?

Doesn't he know that he is a public figure
and should carry himself with dignity?

He had offended the general public in his drunken stupor with his behaviour ...
that too at a very public place
patronized by mainly non-drinking Malays.
It doesn't matter if he actually "insulted Malays"
- I think he's an insult to himself!!

Has he no shame?

While many Malays were embarrassed (rightfully so)
with the behaviour of the people who intimidated him,
I certainly would rather believe the sober ones
even if I do not approve of their conduct).
Moreover, have no sympathy for such buffoons as Karam Singh here,
who don't know how to hold their drink/ behave in public!!

Being drunk is no excuse for misbehaviour in public
- even if you are the "king of crappy-pantun clowns"
or a celebrated journalist on TV!!!

Misbehaving drunken sods like these, give
all respectable spirits/beverages/beers, Wines,
Single-malts/ Black Labels/ Cognacs,
non-Malays (
more so Indians/Punjabis), Malays,
& alcohol lovers/consumers
a bad name!!




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