Thursday, 23 December 2010

"Cow-dung" in your head, Nazri?

“I raised it because Anwar says he has got proof. Now I’m showing my proof and I want Anwar to show his proof, and I want to see who is bluffing here,” Nazri said.

Nazri also called Anwar a liar for saying he had not been given a chance to defend himself in front of Parliament’s Rights and Privileges Committee.

The Rengas MP said Anwar could have defended himself on two occasions: first, when Anwar was asked to defend or retract his claim after it was first made in Parliament, and second, when Nazri put forward the motion to refer Anwar to the committee in April.

~Nazri shows proof Anwar was ‘lying’

“True, Anwar was allowed to enter his defence, but that was only at the beginning, before Nazri put forward the motion to suspend Anwar.

“What needs to be stressed is that he was never given a chance to defend himself in front of Parliament’s Rights and Privileges Committee,” said the PKR secretary-general.

“If Nazri was serious about this, he should have presented his proof in front of the committee, and let Anwar present his proof too. But that did not happen, did it? Anwar has proof, trust me. He has been wanting to show it since day one,” added Saifuddin.
~PKR claims APCO pressured over One Israel


Why say that Anwar was allowed to defend himself, when he wasn't allowed to speak at the deliberation of the Parliament's Right & Privileges Committee? If one is on "trial"- shouldn't he/she be allowed a defence during the trial? Or are you the kind of Law Minister who demands that the Accused be gagged at the trial?

After so many "principled statements" you made, after accusing others of having "cow-dung" in their heads- this is the most PATHETIC LIE & SPIN you can come up with?

"Cow-Dung" in your head, Nazri?

Abe Lincoln once said, that Hypocrisy is when a man murders his own parents, then asks for clemency on grounds that he is an orphan.....
You Nazri, on the other hand- Murder The Law, then plead understanding when you defend unconstitutional laws like the ISA/OSA/PPPA/PA/SA, on grounds of "national security".

A "Law Minister" is it?

Shame on you-
You're a nothing but a DISGUSTING HYPOCRITE

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