Thursday, 23 December 2010

What "1-Malaysia" ..... It's Contempt!!

Its so childish for Selangor Government to ban 1Msia logo...
Ronnie Liu said this is a political statement made by the State Exco,
when supporting Local Government instructions asking the Logo to be removed...
WHAT LAH! Where's the tolerance?
Is Selangor under a COMMUNIST REGIME kah?
Pakatan got no constructive ideas besides being destructive...
What's wrong with cultivating 1Msia Spirit??

-Ti Lian Ker

Dear Ti Lian Ker,

Firstly, I think it was childish of you to bring up something as inconsequential, when you could've questioned them harder on more serious matters like the awarding of the contract to a RM2.00 company. (A case for Selcat: RM2 firm gets rich contract) .

Yes Ti- I agree that there is nothing wrong with a "1-Malaysia Spirit". Sad to say, they don't allow this "1-Malaysia" to love you as much as you love it- by virtue of your skin color & creed!! It truly astounds me that you and all your MCA "machais" would still go out to town to serve this hypocrisy despite this humiliation you're subjected to every day of your lives.

The way I look at it- the rejection of "1-Malaysia" is a lesser sin- if at all it is. It is just childish politicking .... in rejecting an empty slogan, and is inconsequential. Maybe it was a wise decision to prevent the naive from falling for this hypocritical sloganeering nonsense.

BN calls for 1-Malaysia, but has Umno shamelessly spouting racism through Utusan Malaysia.
BN trying to sabo PR in Perak/ on water issues/ suspends their lawmakers from parliament without a defence at the Committee hearing- PR then reacts to reject BN's hypocritical 1-Malaysia.

It was definitely a 'ciplak' idea (from Yogyakarta's 2006- 1-Indonesia, "Masyarakat dahulukan, pencapaian utamakan") which could have been made good- but it is today a big fat lie peddled by hypocrites and supported by parroting sycophants. (Maybe Najib was saying the truth that it was an "original"- within his parameters of ignorance ... Yes- that's indeed very original- a confession of ignorance by a "leader"!)

I just wish that Malaysian politicians (especially those from BN)will "grow up" some day & realize there will be plenty for everybody- if only they can be disciplined about the rule of law & nation-building, and regard all lawmakers as partners (instead of adversaries).
Very sad that Malaysian politicians cannot transcend partisan-politics in doing that.

I don't care much for the slogan, Ti- they could've named it "1-Timbuktu" for all I care, and I would still support it if it did translate into reality, and allow me to get the equal rights & liberties enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
Just look at the brain-drain and the flight of financial capital, Ti.
No catchy slogan is gonna change what you feel deep down in their hearts for the "1-Malaysia" policies perpetrated by bigots, racists & selfish hypocrites towards the people- CONTEMPT!


  1. I am beginning to get disillussioned with Selangor Government. It is childish. Just because 1Malaysia concept is introduced by ruling party, they said it is political. There are other pressing problems to attend to than childishly ban this logo. I love the idea of 1 Malaysia for social integration. If BN government uses "Tepat, Cepat and Seger" etc then will that too be banned?

  2. Other than a few quirks here & there- they're doing just great.
    Khalid Ibrahim ROCKS!! The only problem is- he isn't a politician, but a technocrat- so he doesn't do much politicking, & little publicity for the millions he has saved for the people!!
    Even on the awarding of the contract to the RM2.00 company- you'll see that the BN guys are quiet ... the reason- it was done during Khir Toyo's time, and Khalid has worked on it to make an additional RM17 million out of a bad deal.

    Believe me- they're doing far better than the Toyol Govt.


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