Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Another Brick in the Wall: No to study leave to escape prosecution!

The blog Pejuang Bangsa is one of a coterie of Khairy's salaried Setiakawan blogs and operated by one or two person at RM7-8,000 a month salary. Nama saja macam real. They posted this morning a sympathy spin using comments by PAS Youth Chief, Nasruddin Tantawi on Khairy's "stand down" from politics. ......

In the past, study leave or offer for ambassadorial position or migrating abroad are meant to tide a hot local situation down. In the case of Khairy, it looks to be a permanent one and Pejuang Bangsa will have to look for a new master.

But if it is to escape prosecution for any wrongdoing, then that is wrong!

Pejuang Bangsa should be following Sakmongkol's writing with regard to Alcatel. Read here, here and here.

If Sakmongkol inference was not clear enough, read this from Bigdogdotcom here. .....

Sakmongkol had disclosed that the consultant paid for USD200,000, refered as Consultant A was Dato Dr Norraesah, Chairman of Alcatel Malaysia, French trained economist and appointed member of UMNO Supreme Counsel.

Isn't it odd that a Chairman be paid Consultancy fee?

However, Sakmongkol did not disclose that the Consultant B being paid USD500,000 was wunderboy Khairy Jamaluddin. ......

Finally, Khairy relented from his repeated denials to admit. He was asked to disappear immediately but managed to negotiate to kasi face. Thus the "stand down" to quit politics after the general election.

But it is not over. A Voice still have an issue....

Why should Khairy be allowed to go on study leave to escape corruption charges. So what he is the son in law of a former Prime Minister? Wrong is wrong!

Another Brick in the Wall: No to study leave to escape prosecution!

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