Friday, 14 January 2011

"Tabung Khas" for the Forcefully (& Faithfully) Retrenched/Unemployed ....

Tabung Khas Bantu Bekas Pekerja Premis Minuman Keras Yang Beragama Islam

by Khalid Ibrahim on Friday, 14 January 2011 at 18:03

Kerajaaan Selangor prihatin dengan perbincangan mengenai pelaksanaan Enakmen Jenayah Syariah yang tidak membenarkan umat Islam bekerja di premis-premis dan pusat hiburan yang menjual minuman keras.

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This is so "cool" ...
Can you imagine what a "prihatin" state Govt we have - they're really "dishing out prosthesis for those whose hands they have chopped-off" ....
But it is okay, God demands that from his faithful ... and now, everybody in Non-Halal industries can demand welfare.
FYI- I have no problems with Syariah compliance ... but do it well la ... give them time to seek alternative employment- don't adversely affect the livelihood of people all of a sudden ..... just give them time la.....
This is like chopping of ...your hand, then giving prosthesis and saying that we're "prihatin" ....

Here's a comment from another reader on FB (thanks, Manjit) (all emphasis, mine):-
Gill S. Manjit
Why not close all the business in MPSJ that serve Liquor, Starting with the SUNWAY HOTEL, SHERATON SUBANG, PAN-PAC SUBANG, ETC.

This unilateral "Little Napoleon" decision made on what grounds, please explain, why not enforce it with all the Hotels in SELANGOR, you cannot have different municipilities having different rules, make it a standard for the whole state, Than when you close down all these hotels will you also provide Welfare payments to ALL the affected staff?

You have People- irrespective of race working in the F&B industry, Fantastic Chefs, Waiter etc, who work very hard and are proud to earn an honest and decent wage to feed-Clothe-Educate-PAY MORTGAGES for their families, who are Independent, working not living off hand-outs. INCREDIBLY some "Napoleon" under your scope of responsibility has to decided to force PEOPLE OUT OF JOBS?


This ridiculous unilateral decision forcing people out of Jobs and affecting the services of F&B outlets and their bottom line goes to show there is something totally insane going on here. Go ask a chef who earns RM5,000 a month to quit his job and get your welfare payments, HOW MUCH CAN YOU PAY HIM?
Will he be able to live the lifestyle he has been accustomed to and meet his obligations? WILL THE STATEGOVT ALSO BE PAYING HIS MORTAGE?
IS this the PAKATAN "RAKYAT" govt I voted for with the emphasis on RAKYAT, Will now SELANGOR follow Taliban policies, what next PURDAH?


I ask this question because I am from the F&B/ Hotel Industry, A lot of my dear Muslim friends and colleagues will be affected with this silly decision. Is this what we will expect for future Selangor policies?

Why not find out by your wee self, go to Sheraton Subang and ask my fellow professional hoteliers, the Waiters the Chefs, the Stewards, Room service, Maintenance, Landscaping, etc weather they accept your ruling and want your welfare money.
Please come down from the withering clouds and meet the people. will they want your CHARITY?

(On another thread) These idiots made their little Napolean decision without thinking, who will get affected, you want to hit the small pubs and what not , no prob, If I own a pub and you do not apply the same standards to Sunway hotel- Sheraton-Pan-pac, I go to court and demand you follow your own rules, i.e. enforce your rule, why you close me down but not them?

Here is a question which has been bugging my mind,

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