Friday, 14 January 2011

TGIF- Now we ROCK (the mic)....

Muslims still needed to be reminded 5 times a day when to pray.
Despite the invention to alarm clock, reminder via the handphone
or even a reminder call from the hotel receptionists upon request.
So, okay, never mind that.

The Azan that is blasted off through the microphone 5 times a day,
365 days a year, 366 during a leap year.
After all, we must stay on top of the game by beating others,
such as the Hindu Temples, with their call to prayers .

So that's settled then. Azan rocks.
~PahNur, Lunch at the Lake Club
The events also reminded me of the posts on Shari Baity's blog (Lunch at the Lake Club) entitled
"Rock the Mic" should only be left to
the Rock & Rollers...

The not so simple letter that made the difference....

  • One painful type of torture being inflicted in our society, among the myriads of other kinds, is the merciless use of the loudspeakers.....
  • He does not spare even the sick and the weak among the neighbors who have no interest in receiving the sounds he mercilessly thrusts upon them......
  • They consider it a way to propagate their faith, and they sincerely believe that they are serving the cause of their faith. A wrong principle has taken root and is quite popular in our society now. Unfair deeds carried on with a fair intention are considered to be fine _ allowable and proper.
  • The fact is, the sincerity of intentions per se, does not make the deed proper. It is also necessary for the methods to be proper. And such a merciless use of the loud speakers is not only contrary to the basic principles of propagation and conveyance of faith, but it also produces exactly the opposite results.......
  • In the light of these ahadith and traditions, reciting the Quran loudly and disturbing those asleep during the salat of tahajjud is definitely not allowed. The Fuqaha (jurists) of the Muslim nation are unanimous in that. They have written that a person reciting the Quran in a loud voice at a time when people are asleep is actually committing a sin, even if he was on his own roof. (khulasatal fatawa vol I pg 103 and shami vol I pg 403 & 444)

A text message has been circulating over the past few days urging Muslims to gather outside the mosque in Pantai Dalam here, claiming that a “Chinese lawyer” had demanded the mosque stop the “azan” (call to prayer) recital.
~Nurul Izzah urges calm in ‘azan dispute’

About 100 noisy protestors gathered outside Masjid Al-Ihkhlasias in Kampung Kerinchi to demonstrate against a non-Muslim lawyer who had allegedly complained about the volume of the azan (call for prayer).Unfurling banners and shouting Allahuakbar (God is great), the crowd also burned an effigy of the complainant.
~Protestors burn effigy of azan complainant, MalaysiaKini

Tulang Besi gave the following letter which Mr Ng Kian Nam had written to the various authorities (Click on thumbnails for the full size image of the letter letter) HERE.

I don't get it- why did Tulang Besi have to highlight that the complainant seeking justice was from MCA?
Couldn't he just concentrate on the facts presented by the complainant?
Was he trying to play the Muslim against the Kafir?
Does it always have to be about "Malays/Islam being challenged"?
Can't Malaysians ever stop looking through the sectarian telescope which shrinks the voice of "reason" & conscience in them?
Anyways- It is quite likely that the "Imam" had taken it personally since it was highlighted that it was only for the past few months that the volume had become unbearable.

I found the response from the police laughable - "lagi kuat bunyi itu, lagi baik" - the rationale being that the "bunyi sembahyang masjid" does not come under noise polution laws which governs residential zones. Is this another of "selective inerpretation & application" of the law?

Don't mean to "insult" anybody's sensitivities, but I really do not see how these demonstrators can come out & say that Islam is being challenged when people simply ask them to be reasonable. Is it too much to ask of them to be a consciencious muslim who cares for a peaceful neighbourhood in an age where people can buy alarm clocks (even with the Azan too!!), or just play a tape of scripture reading/sermons/prayers in their home if they so desire to hear it at any time?

Since as a kafir's word wouldn't carry much weight in Islam (as some understand it), I once again quote Mufti Taqi Usmani:-

"In the light of these ahadith and traditions, reciting the Quran loudly and disturbing those asleep during the salat of tahajjud is definitely not allowed.
The Fuqaha (jurists) of the Muslim nation are unanimous in that.

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