Monday, 6 June 2011

Repatriation- Here we go again ....

SEREMBAN: A large-scale legalisation and amnesty exercise is expected to be held next month to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in Malaysia, estimated at about two million.

The programme, which will take three weeks, will be codenamed “6P” pendaftaran (registration), pemutihan (legalisation), pengampunan (amnesty), pemantauan (supervision), penguatkuasaan (enforcement) and pengusiran (deportation).

~Comprehensive exercise soon to legalise and send illegal immigrants home

Yeah, yeah ....
This treasonous mini-series has been showing on UmnoTV for some time, right? This must be the 10000th rerun ....

Some are given MyKads, then some repratriated, only for them to return a week later due to shoddy patrolling of out coastlines (not to mention the syndicates in "high places" operating with the protection of the "security services").

(Many return with brand new passports- yes, you get ladies looking like grandmothers with the age given as 35, and child-like adults aged 25).
Heard of some people who got their illegal maids (thru a syndicate run by a political family), who then got legalized later on ....

Meanwhile thousands of uneducated and unskilled ones are naturalized in Malaysia, get to vote, get bumi quota licences, run businesses, work factories, reduce the labour costs, increase crime .... and rob the Malays/Malaysians of their rights to a better living.

But it's all in the name of Ketuanan Melayu and reducing "operating costs" - for non-bumis who need maids
or factories/bus companies/businesses which need workers
... so "it's okay", maah.
Later we get to complain though .... about all these things above,
and about FOMEMA,
and about jealous wives,
about abused children,
about irresponsible mothers,
and about broken up marriages,
and about the human trafficking,
and about the flesh trade,
and about the maid abuse,
about the runaway maids,
about thieving maids,
about the inhuman detention centers,
about Rela's abuse of foreigners,
and about illegal immigrants' "protection" racket in industrial areas organized by "certain authorities" ....
about the rise of Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, HIV,
foreigners abusing the medical services,
etc etc etc ....

Malaysia Boleh!!

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