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And MCA will still Kiss UMNO Butt ...


How MCA "Saved" UMNO from defeat to Onn Jaafar's IMP:-

Omar Yoke-Lin Ong had risen to be an executive committee member of its Selangor branch (under Colonel H.S. Lee) by the time he met with Yahya Razak that fateful Sunday morning.
When Yoke Lin broached the UMNO-MCA Alliance idea with Cheng-Lock Tan, the latter said "Yes, yes, I support it. Anything that brings the races together is good." The inauguration of the UMNO-MCA Alliance in KL planned for another Sunday morning was another thing though. Tunku Abdul Rahman promised to attend, as did Cheng-Lock. When the Tunku turned up, there was no Cheng-Lock anywhere........
What happened was that Cheng-Lock had been "kidnapped" by the IMP people and so never turned up for that historic UMNO-MCA inauguration!
Nevertheless the upshot was that the Alliance won a big victory in the Kuala Lumpur Municipal Council election, forming the majority. Yoke Lin was chosen as Alliance leader in the Municipal Council. The UMNO-MCA Alliance juggernaut now spread like wild fire all over the country from Johor Baru to Kangar. ..........
When the local elections were all over, Yoke Lin invited the Tunku and Cheng-Lock Tan to sit down and talk, saying, "The Malays and Chinese are now comfortable working together. We should now discuss all the various big issues for independence."
And so they had round table conferences and after many meetings agreed on a strategy to fight for the next goal - independence. 

Sejarah (Wikipedia)

H. S. Lee merupakan anak sulung kepada seorang 
usahawan dari Gaozhou, Guangdong Lee Kwai-lim 
dan isterinya Kam Kwok-chun. 
Dia dilahirkan di Hong Kong pada 19 November 1900.[1] 
Pada 1924, H. S. Lee berpindah ke Malaya 
bagi membantu perniagaan bapanya. 
Beliau dengan cepat menyesuaikan diri 
dan aktif berpersatuan.

Selepas perang, Tun H. S. Lee merupakan antara tokoh 
yang terlibat dalam menubuhkan MCA, dan kemudian 
bertanggungjawab memulakan kerjasama antara kaum 
sehingga mencetuskan idea penubuhan Parti Perikatan.[2]
Muhyiddin rewrites history

Mariam Mokhtar | December 2, 2011

Umno refuses to accept that not all Malays support Umno; they don’t now and they didn’t in the 1950s.
Here we go again, Umno rewriting Malayan history.
The first was in late August, when the whole of the Umno machinery turned on PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu and accused him of being a communist sympathiser.
...............Umno refuses to accept that not all Malays support Umno; they don’t now and they didn’t in the 1950s.
Back in August, the condemnation of Mat Sabu made headline news and he became Utusan’s new whipping boy.
Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Zainal Kling of the National Professors’ Council continued the lie that the British never colonised this country. The news took the Malaysian public by surprise and so Umno organised roadshows with professors, former policemen and ex-Inspector-General of Police Haniff Omar, trying to convince the public that Malaya was never a British colony.

Muhyiddin’s version
Umno’s second attempt at rewriting history was yesterday, at the Umno general assembly and party conference.
Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin declared that his party could have formed the government at Independence, without the help of other races.
According to him, Umno’s willingness to co-operate with the MCA and MIC in the 50s helped deflect accusations of racism and helped bring about independence.
Umno, he said, had won the majority vote in the first general election post-Merdeka and therefore, “we are not racist… we were willing to share power with others despite our ability to form a government on our own before independence”.
It is puzzling that, when Muhyiddin made his claim, the leaders of the MCA and MIC did not protest. Muhyiddin’s insult was as good as saying to their faces, “You are a pendatang and you should be grateful to us Malays for ‘sharing’ power with you and that we didn’t turf you out.”
Perhaps Muhyiddin places little value on the inter-ethnic cooperation in which the Alliance (Umno, MCA and MIC) had displayed since 1954. Muhyiddin ignores the fact that the Reid Commission of 1956 accepted proposals from the Alliance upon which to base our Constitution. Muhyiddin belittles the contribution of the non-Malays.


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