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Umno not racist but creator of social stability: Najib

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Friday, December 02, 2011


Prime Minister, Najib Razak has categorically denied that Umno is not racist. Well, maybe that is not 100% true la. 
The following document is very long and is definitely racist.  
So, reader discretion is strongly advised.

(The document was prepared for briefing at: US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, US State Department, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission)

Also it comes with my apologies that it was cut and pasted from a pdf document I received (I don't know how to do it a better way) so the formatting is a little screwed up.

Institutional Racism and Religious freedom in Malaysia

Institutional racism is the process by which people from ethnic minorities are systematically discriminated against by a range of public and private bodies. If the result or outcome of established laws, customs or practices is racially discriminatory, then institutional racism can be said to have occurred.
Dr.Benjamin Bowling
(Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice and Director of Criminological studies in the School of Law, King's College London.)
In this paper we postulate that Malaysia has all the hallmarks of a racist and religious extreme state on the following foundation;
a) The Federal Constitution basically establishes 2 classes of citizens, vide Article 153, the root of the racist system.
b) The State sanctions racist and religious extreme laws and policies
c) The State controls the Government Administration through one racial and religious group
d) The State channels most funds for economic/education/social development programs and licenses, permits etc., to one race
e) The State controls Religious freedom to the disadvantage of non-Muslims, imposes of Muslim religious laws on non- Muslims and extends the jurisdiction of the Syaria Courts onto non-Muslims.
f) The State sponsors violence and threats of violence both directly and indirectly (outsourced) on the citizens to create fear among the non-Malay non-Muslims.
g) The State sanctions draconian, punitive laws and gives blank cheques to the Police to make arbitrary arrests of dissenters.
h) The State explicitly and implicitly declares that the Malays are the masters (Malay Supremacy) and the sons of soil.
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