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Posted on March 12, 2012

“PR benefited from hindraf,yet the indians in the state they controlled is no better off than during bn.A mutual friend of rpk,Mr Bala told me his disappointment especially in selangor.Why show increase in state revenue when the indians remain poor and neglected.
Why must there be hardcore poverty in tne richest state in the nation [as boasted by MB of selangor].It make me sick.
Hindraf should strike a better deal with bn and that is what two party system is about” – Comment by my friend, Sampalee, to my ‘Syabas Moorthy’ post.


My focus in this post is the last sentence of Sampalee’s comment.

“Hindraf should strike a better deal with bn and that is what two party system is about”.

Something similar was put to me in a round table conference in March last year.

It was suggested that I should abandon my plainly anti-BN stance and leave the door open to see what BN has to offer and to negotiate with both sides of the political divide for the best deal that we can get for the rakyat.

My response was short.

“We do not and will not negotiate with robbers and thieves”.

A properly functioning 2-party system is one where either of the 2 parties on offer to govern are viable alternatives,

We do not have that now.

What we have now is a state of affairs that requires the total and complete removal of UMNO and BN from Putrajaya and as many of the state administrations as possible.

Who we instal in Putrajaya in substitution of UMNO and BN remains to be seen.

Pakatan Rakyat, or at least some of its component parties, of course, in combination with several other parties from Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak, will need to begin the work of rehabilitating the nation, taking the requisite steps to give full effect to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and the 18 point / 20 point agreements, restoring institutions of state back to the rakyat, repealing all draconian laws and replacing the NEP with a more transparent and effective program to bring about real improvement to the lives of the 40% poor and long marginalised, and a complete overhaul of the electoral system.

And all exit doors must be sealed to prevent certain Tuns, Tan Sris and Datuks from fleeing jurisdiction.

As the new government strives to see these reforms through, we must watch and scrutinise their every move to ensure that they do not, in time, morph into a new BN.

BN, meanwhile, we can assume, will go through its own reforms.

In fact, many of us will step forward to help BN reform.

So that, in time, it will become a viable alternative to our newly installed government.

Only then, Sampalee, can we say we have a functioning 2-party system.

Only then, can we negotiate with BN.

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