Wednesday, 14 March 2012

And the Nominees are ....

"For the first time since it was set up 205 years ago,
the Royal Bolehsia Police will have its own mascot
as a symbol of pride and achievement."
- Purrnama

1. The Asian Buffalo
Known for its toughness- skin and body and brains,
utmost loyalty in carrying out orders despite the slop it has for food,
and its ability to wallow in mud to do its job,
it would depict the dedication with which an organisation is run.

2. The Mangy Dog
Known for its survival instincts,
its ability to rummage through rubbish
and even steal food to survive,
it may depict the resilience of a force.

3. The Vulture
Known for its ability to be the eye in the sky looking at happenings on the ground, and live off scavanging carcasses-
it may help portray the watchfulness and a nose for crime.

4. The Wolf
An extremely intelligent and ruthlessly efficient animal-
known to attack its prey in packs, with an acute sense of hearing and smell for victims, can help the people understand the efficiency with with a force is run.

5.The Pig
Need I say anything?

6. The Crocodile
Known for its ability to sit like a log for its unsuspecting victims it would devour by slamming shut its mighty jaws- may be able to give greater confidence to the general public on the workings of the organisation.

7. The Cow
This animal which appears to be the all-time favourite in Bolehsia,
would help people know that the organisation
can help you milk the resources of the nation fearlessly.
It has been stepped on, and yet has has been used by geniuses
to generate much envied publicity for the Bolehsian leadership.

While nominations are still open, voting may commence.
Please note that early vote-counting has been abolished,
and indelible ink in rainbow colors will be used.
Total number of postal votes is classified under OSA.
Any charges of cheating leveled against the Election Commision
has to take into account that "Motive" for cheating is irrelevant.

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