Monday, 30 April 2012

428- The day PDRM ran Riot!!

“The use of water cannons and teargas against peaceful protesters 
shows the Malaysian police were out of control, 
not the demonstrators,” 
said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch. 
“The government should stop patting itself on the back 
and promptly investigate why unnecessary force 
was used and punish those responsible.”

BERSIH 3.0 was a huge success!
To all the participants of BERSIH 3.0 - BRAVO!!
To the senior citizens, mothers, fathers (who brought their children) and the young ones- I am so proud of you guys!!
You guys ROCK!!
**You can all now show your collective middle-fingers to
the "prophet" (aka Mr. "I told you so", aka RPK) 

who said that it would be "a waste of time". HA HA HA**
Hishamudin's claim that BERSIH 3.0 "had little appeal" has been proven to be pure bunkum- and only showed how well the Home Minister was informed by his intelligence services.
Anything between 200,000 to 500,000 people rallied demanding for a transparent clean and fair elections process.
(Yes- I heard NST said there were 20,000).

Many were confused and "disappointed with the purported "violence by participants" of the rally. Many swallowed the MSM media spin hook, line & sinker- that the participants "rioted"- without realizing that it was more of a confrontation which was perpetrated (by design) by the Police, so as to paint BERSIH black.

If they still believe that what happened was "rioting"- then I can only say that they're ignorant- 'cos "Ignorance is bliss- and They ain't seen nothin' yet!!". Even the International observers from India/Pakistan/Indonesia - where rallies and real riots  are frequent occurrences- and even journalists were impressed with the EXEMPLARY conduct of the participants.
A former UMNO leader (Zaharin, I believe) apparently saw Special Branch Police he knew, masquerading as BERSIH participants.
Despite Muhyiddin's claim that the participants of BERSIH having rioted, and the media war launched against BERSIH- the facts speak for themselves.
There is increasingly clear photographic and video evidence that it was the police which engaged in the violence to provoke the victims into retaliation.
All said and done (by our security personnel/Govt)- the people are more convinced than ever that the government in this country and their media are made up of a bunch of liars, and thugs.

My advice to  those in power- have some self-respect, and knw some "shame", please.
Please listen to the people whom you claim to represent, and stop the lies and intimidation! The people do not fear you anymore- and you NEED TO LEARN how to earn the respect you need.

As for PDRM- 
Please stop sending your recruits to Bolehsian K9 schools okay ... either that, or they may have accidentally picked up the K9 manual during the pre-rally briefing. Seriously- they should go back to a respected police academy to learn what real "crowd control" is all about (before ordering their underlings to follow the K9 manuals). 

Meanwhile ....

Shame on you guys who think "opposition politicians" hijacked BERSIH, while you sit around blaming the people for not being "Goldilocks" with the goons.
You are a hypocrite trying to justify your apathy or are just too chickenshit to fight the PIRATES who have hijacked the NATION!!

Here are just a few of the videos which have been uploaded on YouTube:

So let's start with how BBC video report was manipulated by our great MSM ....

Here's something from Al-Jazeera which is proof of Police violence on Journalists:-

Now- what the frickin' hell was this police patrol car doing in a "war-zone"?

Just take a look at how they went around arresting people
and challenging the like hooligans- instead of showing restraint ...

BTW- Take note that the people DID NOT "overturn" the police car (as depicted by our MSM)- the car was lifted onto its side to remove a victim they believed was under the car.
The police were PROTECTED by the BERSIH CROWD from the unruly and emotional ones!!

This is just "too good" ... just take alook at the cops "releasing tension" on an unarmed and passive civilian :-

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