Friday, 27 April 2012

Mr EC Chairman, Deputy- Resign!! NOW!!

"I know Abdul Aziz is an Umno member. 
I know which branch he is from and his Umno membership number. 
This is the one and only EC in the world whose chief and deputy 
are members of a political party which takes part in the elections."
~Saifudin Nasution. TheSun

"It is no significance that the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman 
were not active members or had forgotten that they are members.
The fact that they are members is in itself 
sufficient to create the conflict of interest. 
One wonders whether they would have been endorsed by 
the Conference of Rulers and appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong 
(as is required under Article 113(1)) if this fact were known.

In the circumstance it appears that there is little choice in the matter. 
The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman must resign. "


On the lighter side of everything BERSIH 3.0, a MCLM reader posted a hilarious but true anecdote. Enjoy!


Let's see...

1. Target is Dataran Merdeka
2. "Simon" says : No
3. Target is still Dataran Merdeka
4. "Simon" says : Don't disrupt traffic by sitting on the streets
5. "Simon's relatives" say : You'll put us out of business, chaos will happen, I'll get less income driving in traffic jams
6. Target: Dataran Merdeka
7. "Simon" says : Why not go somewhere else? Like a little 'moo moo here, moo moo there, moo here moo there moo moo everywhere'
8. Dataran Merdeka
9. "Simon" says : Dataran Merdeka and the roads leading to it have been cordoned off

Let us now reflect...

Who closed the roads? "Simon"
Who is pre-empting traffic flow disruptions? "Simon"
Who has made Dataran Merdeka into a 'ghost town' for 48 hours? "Simon"

With roads closed and no traffic...
M'thinks it's very safe to sit anywhere for 2 hours, within those 48 hours, within the 'ghost town'

10. Dataran Merdeka is it!!
Let's us say : Thank you "Simon"

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  1. LOL! Great Simon parody :))


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