Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bolehsian "Happening" News ...

Here's something from Malaysiakini:
Apparently, The March 29 reply from Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says
in 2009, 14 people had died in custody- "consist of 3 who died in prison, 7 in police custody and 17 at the Immigration depot detention centre".

i.e. 3+7+17= 14

13 people had died in custody in 2010 - that is, "1 in prison, 9 in police custody and 18 at the Immigration depot detention centre."
i.e. 1+9+18 = 13

Meanwhile, in 2011, it was a case of "17 dead in police custody and 18 at the Immigration depot detention centre" making it a grand total of "21 deaths".
i.e. 17+18= 21


When the former Education Minister says things like these, you can be sure that Mr. Moo was right when he said that Malaysia has among the best education systems, eh?


Now to scoop something from The Malaysian Insider:-
“Don’t experiment by changing a driver that has proven his ability in the middle of the journey replacing him with a driver that raises doubt and is dangerous ” he (Najib) said.

Dear me- that's our dear Premier speaking with an arsenal of firepower at his disposal for the next GE!!
Look at him- he isn't even asking for a bigger majority, but begging not to be replaced!!
He obviously knows the truth to his 69% ratings ....


Now to give some space to the Clown of our times:-
Hasan (Akidah) Ali also said hedonism is proliferating among Muslims who “instead of sleeping go out late at night with friends- That is why we see Muslims jumping to join Christians ”.
Hasan, however, admitted that he possessed no other evidence apart from these (video) testimonies.


That's the best he's got after all the drama for weeks - what a bummer!!
Anyways, to all you Muslim brothers & sisters - Hasan warns that the Night can stir & shake your "Akidah", and will consequently turn you into Christians ..... And all you night-birds ... remember that you are being "proselytized" to whether you realize it or not- so stay indoors and make sure you go to sleep okay.
(but of course- he'll will send his snoop squad if you're suspected of doing anything naughty/hedonistic indoors).

We wouldn't wanna leave our 3-in-1 Minister now, would we?:
Recently, as reported by an online news portal (TMI, I believe),
He (aka #YoRais) said that if taxi drivers suspected their passengers of wrongdoing “they should immediately take the passengers to any MACC office and lodge a report”.


ROTFLMAO - This is hilarious ....
I've know ex-cabbies who ran "errands" for their customers- i.e. bribe govt officers/ officials to sort out paperwork- just to make a decent living!!
Can you imagine a cabbie lodging reports on their customers? I can just see their RM flying out the "window" already!!
Imagine if the cabs had a sign which reads,
"If you are suspected of corruption by the cabbie, and taken to MACC- Get used to Windows" ... Bill Gates might just love that, eh?

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