Thursday, 5 April 2012

Grow up, Pete ... Bersih is IN- and (other than MT) you're still OUT!

"We had Bersih 2007 and Bersih 2.0.
Now we are going to have Bersih 3.0.
I don’t want to be a party pooper
by saying that this is a total waste of time. "

"written by cruzeiro, April 04, 2012 20:28:52

To cruzeiro:

If the only comments you want to make are those that mock me because you have a personal grudge against me then we really don't need your comments.
I just can't understand why is it when we meet face-to-face you do not dare mock me. I suppose you know what will happen if you do, that's why. Sigh...many have guts behind the computer."
~RPK, You Deserve UMNO and BN

My apologies for writing in your comments section.
It won't happen again- I thought you welcomed some critical thinking and didn't know all you want are mindless sycophants.
That fine, Pete- looks like we have a new person in Raja Petra these days.

Why la you taunt like a kid .....
I know you're growing old- but for gottsakes grow up, Pete.

Since when have you stopped thinking, and started to behave like the UMNO goons you used to criticize?
What's wrong with you these days, anyways- you used to be able to take as good as you give. "Lemah Akidah" or what ... Ha ha.

You think I mocked a nonsensical idea? Maybe.
But I think you make a mockery of yourself ...
So what if I did, anyways- is the taste of your own medicine too bitter for a "No Holds Barred" MT to swallow these days?
A Grudge??!! For what?
Please la- Don't flatter yourself, Pete ... I don't know you (personally, that is) enough for that.
Anyways, No- it wasn't becos I "have a grudge".

Common la- you take great pride in your "self" and mock readers all the time right? Oh yes- you are so, very smart and "intelligent" .... and other cannot "think"- and you need to teach them right?

You think ABU is a waste of time.
You think Bersih is a waste of time.

Now you want people to stop riding the buses, LRT, using petrol, banks, jobs, cooking oil, sugar, eating rice, bread, water, electricity, cars, toilets, Astro, Radio, Communications/ Telephones/ Internet and almost every commodity in the market!!

Do you realize that almost every aspect of our life (except for your mind, health, free air and pollution) is controlled by these "big brothers"?
(Who knows- Very soon, they may even control your spit & piss, so that they can make something like "Newater" as in Singapore!!)
You name it- they have controlled it.

Do you even realize the magnitude of your naivete?
And you want me to be an adulating sycophant as some of the other readers (like when you proposed a silly Unity Govt)?

Now, when I point out the stupidity of your logic that we "boycott the cronies" like Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishna, Syed Bukhari etc etc- you say I'm "mocking"?

In the mean time, all the efforts you have mocked-
are made towards educating Malaysians that their rights have been stolen. And these people whom you mock are aware that this education will not be chieved through a simplistic idea of a boycott of Vincent Tan's products.

People like Pak Samad, Ambiga, Haris, Chegu Bard, Mat Sabu, Won Chin Huat etc etc etc are all working selflessly towards an end on the ground- using all the amenities at hand to turn the tide, slowly but surely.

Now, while they are making progress as a team (despite whatever personal differences they may have), you're behaving like a sore loser by criticizing everything and anything ... and pissing like a fool on MT.

That, my dear friend, means that you only make a mockery of yourself these days.
(No wonder Haris said what he said ...)

If you wanna know what I'll say face-to-face, why don't you come around
I promise- it won't be a "mamak teh-tarik" I buy you ...


  1. So what did you exactly comment on Malaysia Today ?

    Was it an attack on the author? or Was it a constructive criticism on the idea put forth by the author?

    1. Basically about "boycotting" all those "cronies" providing services I have mentioned above.
      Isn't that what he wanted when he says BERSIH is a waste of time and the only boycott will work?
      So, I said- "since all efforts by all activists are a "waste of time" we have nothing else ... wait ... we have MT", and Hallelujah to that!!

      That's me "mocking" - or is he mocking his own intelligence with the "waste of time" statement?
      What happened to his bravado and "I can take as good as I give"?
      What happened to his "intellectual" prowess for debate?
      Isn't he sounding more & more like the UMNO goons he criticizes all the time?

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