Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Perception: "Fiddling while Rome Burns"

"For me, what is most important 
is not so much the (crime) index. 
The perception and the feeling 
of the public is all important."

~ Hishamuddin

"We approach it by having focal point and leadership at the home ministry and the police force and we widen the stakeholders to mall owners and schools which involved community policing, intelligence policing and omnipresence.

Image From
Photos of Crime Watch Malaysia

Did this episode of serenading by PDRM boys come with the blessings of our Home Minister or IGP?
Malaysia appears to be running on "auto pilot"- rather, maybe I should say "IS" running on auto-pilot.
Nobody in authority is doing anything- other than securing their own "gravy train", that is. You can see evidence of that from the flip-flopping adventures/excursions of Jibby, to the "state visits" of FLOM, to the bumbling PDRM, to the nonsense spouted by Rais Yatim, to the apparent lies peddled by agencies like Utusan/ Syabas/ EC/ MACC etc etc etc.

What takes the cake is Tun Ling Liong Sik claim of IGNORANCE as a line of defence in the PKFZ!!!
Yes- we had IGNORANCE running the country for 50 yrs- and this is the "experience" they want us to vote for!!!

While these fellas make total asses of themselves- it's the criminals who are doing the "patrolling", looking for victims ....

Yes- I dare say that, because some people in a darkly tinted Kenari was following the car of someone dear to me in a hypermarket

(despite having tried to "lose" them- they even were so bold as to come beside her car to "view" her)- until she had to leave in fear!!
Meanwhile we have morons in high-office who say that it is the media which creates this "PERCEPTION" of crime/fear!!

Meanwhile, another a$$H%le is busy looking for scapegoats- and Facebook is the latest. Yes you read it right- FACEBOOK is the latest thing to be blamed for the rising crime!!!:

"The foundation national vice chairman Datuk Kamarudin Ali 
many students in lower secondary schools 
had fallen from grace 
upon reaching adolescence, 
partly due to unsupervised internet use 
in social utility network, 
especially Facebook."

Read more: Students aged 13-15 main contributors to juvenile crime - Latest - New Straits Times


Where do these idiots 

who run the country come from???!!

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