Thursday, 19 July 2012

Interview with Malik Imtiaz

"The no longer have a 'rule of law'.
We have a 'rule of politics';
We have a 'rule by law';
We have a 'rule by decree';
We have a 'rule by edict'."
~ Malik Imtiaz

"For our 21st Middle Malaysia podcast, we speak to prominent civil rights lawyer Malik Imtiaz about various legal matters, starting with Bersih 3.o. He gives his view on whether the mammoth rally was in fact an illegal rally. He also talks about the lawsuit the government has instituted against the Bersih steering committee.

He expresses concern over the Borders case where a manager was charged by Islamic authorities for selling a book that was at the time not yet banned. Malik explains why it's worrying because of how the Islamic authorities are going beyond their jurisdiction.

On an rather interesting note, Malik gives his views on Raja Petra Kamaruddin's switch from supporting Pakatan Rakyat to being its chief critic. Hear his no-holds barred take on the "tragedy" of Raja Petra, whom Malik now calls "quite irrelevant".

Back to legal matters, Malik shares his view on whether Barisan Nasional would give up power peacefully should it lose the general election and what would happen. Malik gives an interesting twist on what he think could happen should there be an attempt to declare an Emergency situation if there is an upset in the polls.

Malik concludes the conversation by describing the scenario that could bring about a change in government. He believes it could happen.

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