Friday, 13 July 2012

How stupid can some people get? Ask JKKN ...

Nasyid yes, gospel choir no, says JKKN | theSundaily

PETALING JAYA (July 12, 2012): Nasyid may be performed at Culture and Arts Department (JKKN) auditoriums but gospel choir is prohibited.
A department spokesman told theSun that one of the conditions of use of these auditoriums is that performances must not contain any elements of religious rituals either before, during or after the performance.
“Nasyid which means chant in Arabic, is a music style famed thoughout the Middle East and Muslim countries. Although it has elements of religion, it is not disallowed as it is not a ritual,” he said.
“Gospel music, on the other hand, is music written to express either personal, spiritual or a communal belief on Christian life, as well as to give a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music.
“Therefore, gospel choir cannot be performed in a JKKN auditorium or studio.”

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  1. and HOW about the 'baca doaing' before or after a function.
    In short, the indians then cannot clasp their hand in greetings cos it resembles praying the hindu way.
    Vote PR and ABUkan .


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