The ISA was abolished because it didn't help the BN-led government politically, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

"If you put someone in under ISA it doesn't kill them politically, instead it enhances their political career," he told civil servants in Putrajaya today.
Without naming names, Najib gave the example of some ex-ISA detainees whose political profile he said skyrocketed after being detained.

He said this while delivering the keynote speech at a dialogue with civil servants organised by the Razak School of Government.


So he admits that it (ISA) was nothing but a political tool- and not a matter of national security. They used it do suppress political dissent.
But knowing that it doesn't serve its purpose, they still keep people in Kamunting ....
So that begs the question- are these BN fellas sadists who are just interested in power?