Friday, 6 July 2012

Talam, water and politics « rights2write (R2W)

"Talam isn’t exactly my darling. 

Given an opportunity I will piss 
on the head of Tan Sri Chan who had brought misery 
to thousands of house buyers and contractors. 
There is no love lost between us. 

But when Soi Lek's son, a very young Dato’ raised the issue SSG rescuing Talam, clearly he is talking cock. 
How stupid our politicians can be. 
This is a simple issue. 

"The debt was centralized at MB Inc and the recovery was done by MB Inc. At least there is an attempt to recover this debt. 
It has been sitting in the books of various Selangor GLC’s 
for years and recovery was almost impossible because of the political immunity by the previous government. 

The moment that SSG says that they will sue those who create malicious lies about the State, Selangor BN coordinator, “Dato Zain Badak” ask SSG not to resort to legal action to silence the critics. For a start, if politicians approach issues on the basis of truth then there will not be any legal issues. 

The problem here is BN seems to create a lot of lies."

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