Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Reply to menteri: Malays better without Islam?

cruzeiro wrote:

menteri wrote:
Cruzeiro, FFT & Anon do you think Malay will be better-off if they give up Islam?
Dear menteri,
I believe you have asked the wrong question. It would've been better had you asked, "Would Malays be better off if they stopped trying too hard to recreate their identity thru religiosity (as opposed to spirituality)?".
Anyway, I'll give you an answer based on what I perceive which may not necessarily be accurate.
The Malay Identity has been corrupted and partly destroyed by "arabisation" as RPK had mentioned.Remember, Islam and Arab culture are very different.
If arabisation is what you would qualify as Islam, by all means - they'd definitely be better off without it.
However, they would be no better off should they adopt christianity, and try to practice "white man" culture, or adopt hinduism and practice indian culture. Same goes for every other religion and the dominant culture practicing it.
The one major factor that has contributed to the corruption of Islam, is the arab struggle for self determination, and it's humiliation as a result of foreign domination - aka today as the "Palestian Cause".
Violent "Successes" by these terrorists/ fighters are misrepresented as achievements of Islamic doctrine!
This can be seen and heard on Malaysian and pro-palestinian media - children and women who become suicide bombers killing innocents, are described as "pejuang berani mati" lending it glory!
These arabs have successfully hijacked Islam as the rallying call to create a "palestinian state" and made it an "Islamic Cause" - and from their logic, if you're not with us, you're against us.
Bear in mind that the two have nothing in common - and yet, this violent and intolerant culture has creeped into Islam (therefore, as FFT says - it's the new "Islamic Cool").
"Malays" and Muslims worldwide should learn to look at the Palestinian conflict as a political struggle for land, power and wealth, rather than an Islamic struggle.
I hope you are clear.
26/06 12:21:44

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