Tuesday, 26 June 2007

FFT's response

FrenchFriedTacos wrote:

cruzeiro said:
Confirming my suspicions, he took it as an insult to Islam from ME, and not the guys who "did the damage"! So, the humor in it was lost .... and anger had taken over.
I truly cannot understand this justification of the "Rage" that is very much prevalent in Muslim communities.

How dare you make fun of "Rage"?

Did you not know, it is one of the new "pillars" of the modern-day practice of Islam.

The more Rage you exhibit, the more Islamic you are perceived as being.

Which is why even locally, we are seeing small but loaded examples of peacock-feather-fluffing games of oneupmanship in terms of Rage between UMNO and PAS. On the PAS side of the ring, they take to the streets for every little reason and scream Allahu Akhbar until their brown faces turn purple and threaten "Death to [enter Muslim bogeyman of the day]!" On the UMNO side of the ring, you can see keris waving, unsheathing and inserting, and also the phenomenal ac of Rage by one son-in-law who made a monkey of himself to get Condi Rice's attention while she was on official visit to Malaysia.

Raging is the new Islamic cool. If you ain't ragin', then you're failin'.
26/06 11:00:52

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