Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Islam Bashing? My response

freewaay wrote:

OK gorshan, you got our respect, no one here is brave enough to ridicule your religion, but the exception of Islam, we're being attack from all sides and being argued using state of the art scientific theory(beinghuman), as well the cheapest tools of labelling and bashing(cruziero). But don't worry, Islam is dynamic enough to withstand this challenge.


cruzeiro wrote:

freeway wrote,
as well the cheapest tools of labelling and bashing(cruziero).


Hey now, take it easy okay - I never
bashed Islam, per se.
I had visited a link given by FFT, and found it truly hilarious ...... (too bad, some people have lost their sense of humour, and have forgotten how to laugh - even if it is at themselves for being silly)
Confirming my suspicions, he took it as an insult to Islam from ME, and not the guys who "did the damage"! So, the humor in it was lost .... and anger had taken over.
I truly cannot understand this justification of the "Rage" that is very much prevalent in Muslim communities.
If you have noticed, none of these sanctimonious "defenders of the faith" would come out boldly to condemn this behaviour.
It is this that I spoke about in my letter to RPK - "The Pathology of Rage" - it is destroying Muslim communities worldwide, and has "isolated" them from other communities worldwide. It has brought about silent disdain from the peaceful, and retribution from the militants. It has bred hatred in the Islamists, and destoyed the Image that the rational ones have built over the years. It is this "hatred" and rebellion against hostility that drives the desire for the fundamentalism of the middle ages to be established for an Islamic Utopia.
If you go back to my posts, it was a "pattern of behaviour" that I had "labelled and bashed" - mind you, I even included christians.
In fact, all I wanted to know was whether such irrational rage is condoned, by those who advertise their verbose religiosity, but seem to know nothing about spirituality.
The problem with you guys is, you get so defensive and paranoid, and think that the whole world is out to screw you people - so much so, you think that everything is about Islam.
No lah, there are some things in this world which don't have to be about Islam.
So when you are free, have a kit-kat and read through what I wrote.
Maybe you'll understand.
BTW, RPK, maybe you can write something about this "rage" thingy, by the various religious groups?
26/06 09:56:10

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