Wednesday, 6 May 2009


See how the BN scumbags makes a MOCKERY
of the august house!!!
from MalaysiaKini:-
2.15pm: Assembly has resumed. Pakatan reps are trying to physically stop Ganesan from entering the chamber. There is a lot of pushing and shoving among the state reps. A few punches were thrown. A number of reps climb up the table. It is complete pandemonium in the assembly.

A couple of police officers are now inside the assembly to try to restore order. Pakatan reps shout at the police to leave the assembly.

the following is from live updates on
The Pakatan Aduns are trying to stop Ganesan from using the mike.

Two or three police have entered the Dewan.

The Pakatan Aduns are shouting at the police, asking them to leave the Dewan.

The Dewan is about to resume proceedings. Siva hasn't left his seat.
The Raja Muda is in the state secretariat building in the same premises. He has not yet officially opened the Assembly sitting.
[Comment From Penangite ]
News on all BN spin channel says new speaker apointed. How can a motion be passed to appoint a speaker when the state assembly sitting is not officially open....
[Comment From shaka sun ]
Thomas Su's facebook status "there is a lull for now. We heard tat BN is holed out on the 3rd floor....discussing their next step..."
Pakatan Aduns are chanting loudly, "Bubar Dun!"
A lot of shouting in the Dewan. It's pandemonium in there.
Wouldn't it be a lot easier to have fresh state elections?

It looks like most of the mikes are still shut.
The Pakatan Aduns are asking Ganesan to leave. They say he is not authorised to be a Speaker and point to his name tag which says only "pegawai". A short scuffle breaks out briefly but it is over now.
Ganesan's makeshift "Speaker's" table is in the middle of the aisle. He didn't have a normal seat in the Dewan like the others as he is not an Adun. Before he was appointed, he was sitting in a corridor at the back of the Dewan. When he was "appointed" Speaker, he took a position at a table on the aisle. Now, after pressure from Pakatan Aduns, Ganesan moves to a seat near Zambry.

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