Wednesday, 6 May 2009


"Tangkapan dibuat secara kasar dan tidak bertamadun, mereka (polis) menyerbu dengan menangkap beliau tanpa mengemukakan waran."
-Salahudin Ayub, Harakah

Police crackdown continues with three more arrests

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid (MalaysianInsider)

KUALA LUMPUR, May 6 — The police have arrested PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu, PKR Youth leader Badrul Hisham and another unidentified activist just a day before the Perak state assembly convenes amid accusations of a crackdown.

Mohamad, known popularly as Mat Sabu, was arrested at 3.45pm near party publication Harakah's office here today while Badrul and the unidentified activist were detained at 2pm in Putrajaya.

The arrests came just after the police arrested Wong Chin Huat, a spokesman for The Coalition for a Fair and Free Election (Bersih), under the Sedition Act yesterday.

It is learnt that Badrul and the unidentified activist may also have been arrested under the Sedition Act. It is unclear as to the reason behind Mat Sabu's arrest.


Mat Sabu arrested roughly; CheguBard just taken in. Month1 - 1Malaysia, Month2 - Ops 2Lalang?

Update: Got ADILsms saying CheguBard taken in at Putrajaya, presumably over his Altantuya cake.

See Harakah, Penarik Beca (another former guest of the CCID), et al.

Ah. What a sweet honeymoon it was, in those early days when Najib sang such sugar coated songs designed to charm our hearts, especially the non-Malay demographic.

Even I wasn’t prepared to reject his overtures out of hand.

The jury is back though, and I think the verdict is clear.

Najib will learn like so many others before him, that when deed fails to match word - cakap tak serupa bikin - leaders get replaced.

Maybe this is why they clever to talk about review ISA (like anyone believesla, though), who needs ISA when got Sedition Act, OSA, etc etc.

Speaking of which, Chin Huat’s detention at the Commercial Crimes Dept might suggest the possibility that he was detained for something that he wrote online. We will see where Mat Sabu will be brought, and whether that will yield any clues to the angle the cops are trying to take.

Mat Sabu, kami diri sama hang.

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