Tuesday, 21 December 2010

AFF Cup 2010 Indonesia 5- Malaysia 1


  1. Malaysia is going from strength to strength.

    Malaysia will BEAT Indonesia to WIN the SUZUKI Cup; this is Malaysia's Year.


  2. Ha Ha, First Leg ...
    MALAYSIA 3- 0 Indonesia

  3. Yup ;-)

    Let's see how far they go ...

  4. Finally it will depend on the Mental STRENGTH of the Malaysian players. Whether they will tahan the '90mins' of fair and foul mean of the Indonesian players and spectators.

    Obviously the Indo FANS will be vociferious given the treatment that was 'purported' meted out to their players last Sun.

    Ultimately it depends very much on the Referees whether they are STRONG Enough not to succumb to the antics of the Indo players and control the game fair & sternly.


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